Even before the official start, the election campaign in the UK is in motion. Prime Minister Johnson apologizes for the Brexit delay and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage does not want to run.

Even before the official start, the election campaign in the UK is in motion. Prime Minister Johnson apologizes for the Brexit delay and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage does not want to run.
From the new election, the Prime Minister hopes clear conditions in Parliament

With concessions, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to win over undecided voters. Just over a month before the parliamentary election on 12 December, the conservative head of government apologized for not having led the country out of the European Union as of 31 October despite his repeated promises.
He was sorry that he had not kept his promise, Johnson said in an interview with Sky. "I am very, very disappointed." Since taking office in July, Johnson has repeatedly stressed that Brexit will be enforced "at all costs" until 31 October. He even said he would rather "lie dead in the ditch" than ask for another shift.
Great Britain London |  Boris Johnson Will not Negotiate Brexit Renewal (picture-alliance / dpa / PA Wire / House of Commons)
Regrets the uncertainty for his country: Prime Minister Boris Johnson
His exit agreement negotiated with Brussels, however, fell through in the British Parliament. Moreover, MEPs forced him to request an extension of time in Brussels. The EU then granted a three-month Brexit extension until 31 January.
The discussion about Brexit is thus at the center of the early parliamentary elections. As the newspaper "The Times" reports, Johnson wants to concentrate on getting his Brexit deal negotiated with Brussels through Parliament after the vote. In addition, his Dohung with a no-deal, so an unregulated departure of Britain from the EU, off the table. At the moment it is completely unclear whether the election actually - as hoped by Johnson - ensures clear majorities in the lower house.

Farage does not want to run

In addition, the prime minister threatens danger from the right edge. An offer from the Brexit party of Nigel Farage, who is not yet represented in the House of Commons, to cooperate in the election with the Conservatives, Johnson had rejected. Now Farage reiterated that he himself does not run for parliament.
Britain's Nigel Farage (picture-alliance / PA Wire / A. Matthews)
Brexit hardliner Nigel Farage could chase away the Conservative votes (archive image of the European election campaign in May)
Instead, he wants to fight nationwide against Johnson negotiated with the EU "divorce contract" announced the Brexit hardliner in the BBC. He had thought deeply about how he could best serve the Brexit cause, whether by sitting in Parliament or supporting the party's candidates throughout the United Kingdom. "And I have decided that the latter course is the right one."

Scots fight for their cause

In this way, the Brexit party could chase away the Conservative vote and, according to experts, strengthen Labor's biggest opposition party. Another role in the campaign will also be the call for a second Scottish independence referendum. In Glasgow thousands demonstrated on Saturday for a new referendum. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a statement: "An Independent Scotland is closer than ever before, it's really within reach." She wants to apply for a new referendum in London before Christmas.Successor to

John Bercow

This Monday, the House of Commons votes on the succession of John Bercow, President of Parliament, known for his distinctive "Order" calls. The 56-year-old had announced his resignation at the beginning of September by 31 October at the latest. Best chances are given to Labor MP Lindsay Hoyle, formerly Vice-Speaker, and Harriet Harman, the longest-serving parliamentarian, as well as the Conservative Eleanor Laing.
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