He was a spin doctor for the election campaign of the US president. Now the prominent political strategist has to suffer a bitter defeat. His former boss complains about "double standards".

He was a spin doctor for the election campaign of the US president. Now the prominent political strategist has to suffer a bitter defeat. His former boss complains about "double standards".
USA Washington |  Process Roger Stone (picture-alliance / AP Photo / C. Cortez)
Roger Stone leaves the court in Washington
US political adviser Roger Stone, a longtime confidant of President Donald Trump, has been convicted by a Washington court. The jury saw the 67-year-old, among other things, the false statement and the judicial disability convicted. The punishment is to be announced in February. Stone threatens up to 20 years in prison.
He was accused of obstructing the congressional investigation into the Russian manipulation of the 2016 US election campaign. Among other things, he is said to have tried to manipulate another witness.Trump criticized on Twitter the verdict against his longtime friend and adviser. It is a case of "double standard" as it has never been before in the history of the country.

Arrest in Florida

Stone was arrested at his Florida home in January at the behest of special investigator Robert Mueller He was released on payment of a $ 250,000 bail initially. Mueller has investigated the alleged Russian interventions in the 2016 election campaign and possible illegal contacts of the Trump team with Russia.
Stone is suspected of acting as liaison between the Trump campaign and the Wikileaks revelation platform. Wikileaks had published tens of thousands of hacked e-mails from the camp of Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. The e-mails had been stolen by US intelligence agencies from Russian hackers.
In mid-February, Stone pleaded not guilty. He described the allegations against him as politically motivated. However, the prosecution revealed that he had lied and harassed another witness to protect the president.
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