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Even before his election as chairman of the Legal Committee, there had been violent protests. Now, for the first time in history, a committee chairman of the Bundestag has lost his post with Stephan Brandner    
AfD politician Brandner loses chairmanship of the Bundestag right wing committee
No longer Chairman of the Legal Committee of the German Bundestag: Stephan Brandner of the AfD
The process is unprecedented in the well 70-year history of the Bundestag, unique. A parliamentary committee, the Legal Affairs Committee, voted out the chairman of the panel by a majority of its members. Stephan Brandner (53), a member of the AFD, is considered "unsustainable", and MEPs accuse him of anti-Semitism.
With the votes of all factions - except for Brandner's own party, the AfD - the Bundestag deputies recalled the parliamentarian. "The dismissal of Brandner is a clear signal against incitement and hatred - we are finally giving the office back its dignity," said deputy spokesman for the policy of the Union faction, Jan-Marco Luczak.
Previously, the Rules of Procedure Committee of the Bundestag has prepared the way for the procedure that Brandner could be voted out this Wednesday. "We have made the interpretative decision that the Rules of Procedure will also allow a committee chairman to be removed from office by a committee," said the chairman of the Rules Committee, Patrick Sensburg, last week. 
Patrick Sensburg (picture-alliance / dpa / M. Kappeler)
Patrick Sensburg advocates that the formulations in the Rules of Procedure of the Bundestag be legally fixed more precisely
Brandner had in late October in a tweet the Federal Cross of Merit for the musician Udo Lindenberg referred to as "Judas pay" and made it beyond the policy for indignation. The accusation: Brandner plays with anti-Semitic clichés and incite resentment. Derailments would occur regularly with him.

Lawyers had called early withdrawal

Thus Brandner had retweeted after Halle's deadly attack, politicians "lounging" in front of synagogues. Already at that time, the German Bar Association and the German Association of Lawyers called on the chairman of the Legal Committee to resign. He was "unable to meet the demands of his office". The office of the committee chairman demanded "always to respect the respect for people". This was later followed by various federal politicians.
Halle Saale Mourning for attack on synagogue (epd / G. Wittmann)
Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer visited the local synagogue in October after the attack in Halle
The lawyer Brandner has been a member of the Bundestag since 2017 and was elected Chairman of the Legal Committee at the beginning of 2018. The grown up in West Germany politician had gone in 1997 as a lawyer from Munich in Thuringia Gera. After leaving the CDU in 2013, he joined the alternative for Germany and moved to the state election in Thuringia in 2014 in the state parliament. 

Brandner was not appointed to the committee chairman, but elected

Brandner is one of three committee chairmen, who represents the "alternative for Germany" in the Bundestag. Peter Boehringer is in charge of the Budget Committee, Sebastian Münzenmaier is Chairman of the Tourism Committee. Boehringer is well respected in his committee, it is said.
He does not have the "rascal" of Brandner, as a member of another parliamentary group says this Wednesday. And for the other AFD members in the committees, there are also more positive assessments from representatives of the coalition than for Brandner.
Germany Berlin Bundestag Peter Böhringer (picture-alliance / dpa / K. Kappeler)
Peter Boehringer had warned during the refugee crisis of a "change of the German population"
The three AFD politicians had been elected by the members at the beginning of the legislature. Normally Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble determines the chairmen of the committees, as the corresponding paragraph 58 of the Rules of Procedure of the Bundestag envisages.
However, if a committee member objects, an election will be required. The chairman then has to receive more yes-no votes. Brandner had received 19 in favor and 30 against and 12 abstentions on 30 January 2018