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He was a spin doctor for the election campaign of the US president. Now the prominent political strategist has to suffer a bitter defeat. His former boss complains about "double standards".
USA Washington |  Process Roger Stone (picture-alliance / AP Photo / C. Cortez)
Roger Stone leaves the court in Washington
US political adviser Roger Stone, a longtime confidant of President Donald Trump, has been convicted by a Washington court. The jury saw the 67-year-old, among other things, the false statement and the judicial disability convicted. The punishment is to be announced in February. Stone threatens up to 20 years in prison.
He was accused of obstructing the congressional investigation into the Russian manipulation of the 2016 US election campaign. Among other things, he is said to have tried to manipulate another witness.Trump criticized on Twitter the verdict against his longtime friend and adviser. It is a case of "double standard" as it has never been before in the history of the country.

Arrest in Florida

Stone was arrested at his Florida home in January at the behest of special investigator Robert Mueller He was released on payment of a $ 250,000 bail initially. Mueller has investigated the alleged Russian interventions in the 2016 election campaign and possible illegal contacts of the Trump team with Russia.
Stone is suspected of acting as liaison between the Trump campaign and the Wikileaks revelation platform. Wikileaks had published tens of thousands of hacked e-mails from the camp of Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. The e-mails had been stolen by US intelligence agencies from Russian hackers.
In mid-February, Stone pleaded not guilty. He described the allegations against him as politically motivated. However, the prosecution revealed that he had lied and harassed another witness to protect the president.
Iran's supreme leader has again spoken out against negotiations with the United States. Conversations would not bring any improvement, the Ayatollah said. The message was also addressed to French President Macron.
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has to agree to all political decisions

"If the Iranian officials were so naive and engaged in negotiations with the US, they would definitely have achieved nothing," said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Negotiations would neither lead to a revision of the policy of maximum pressure , nor to a repeal of the US sanctions, said the Ayatollah. Just as the negotiations of North Korea and Cuba with the US would have led to no result. Ajatollah, according to the constitution, has the last word in all political matters.

"Naive or accomplice"

Although Iranian President Hassan Rohani and his government are not completely barring negotiations with the US, they are setting conditions. They demand that Washington lift all sanctions against Iran and return to the Vienna nuclear agreement. The US government, however, rejects these preconditions.
USA Hassan Rohani speaks before the UN General Assembly (Reuters / C. Allegri)
Iran's President Hassan Rohani in September at the UN General Assembly
Iran's 2015 international nuclear deal is designed to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons. In return, among other things, the West wanted to lift sanctions and restrictions on trade. US President Donald Trump stepped out of the agreement unilaterally in early May 2018 . The US government now wants to force the leadership in Tehran with the hitherto toughest sanctions against the country to renegotiate the agreement and to agree to tougher conditions.
Most recently, French President Emmanuel Macron tried to establish talks between Iran and the United States. Ajatollah Ali Khamenei sharply criticized Macron for saying, "The French president says a meeting would solve all the problems between Tehran and the US He is either naive or an accomplice to the US."
G7 summit in France |  Symbolic picture dispute among partners (picture-alliance / dpa / A. Harnik)
US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron
Macron had tried in September to organize a meeting between Trump and Rohani on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. The conversation between the two heads of state did not come about.

Difficult relationship for four decades

The relationship between the US and Iran is not only strained since the dispute over the nuclear deal. The US cut diplomatic relations 40 years ago. The trigger was the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran, which marks its 40th anniversary this Monday.
US Hostages Embassy Tehran 1979 (Fars)
Occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran: On November 4, 1979 Islamist students stormed the site

Iranian students occupied the embassy in November 1979 in protest at the shooting of the ousted Shah Reza Pahlavi in ​​the United States. The US embassy members taken hostage were released only after 444 days. Iran intends to commemorate the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran on Monday with a state-organized rally. 
One third of the global economy and almost half of the world's population are involved: In Bangkok, 16 Asian countries are negotiating the world's largest free trade agreement. The initiative came from China.
Thailand's Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha (2nd from left) receives trading partner in Bangkok

The negotiations should be concluded "later this year" to boost economic growth, trade and investment, "said Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha at the inauguration of the annual Southeast Asian Nations Association (ASEAN) Summit in Bangkok. The free trade agreement involves the ten member states of ASEAN and six other countries - China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Their heads of state and government will not attend a meeting on Monday until Monday.

Idea from Beijing

The agreement would include a space of more than three billion people and a $ 17 trillion economic power. This corresponds to around 40 percent of world trade. China had proposed the trade partnership and wanted to build a counterbalance to the trade agreement TPP. The "Transpacific Partnership" (TPP) is owned by eleven states on various continents, including Australia, Chile and Canada. The US also originally wanted to participate. A few days after taking office, US President Donald Trump announced the agreement in 2017 but on.
As a result, the Southeast Asian states of ASEAN intensified their work on a separate agreement and are now in the final stages of the negotiations. The agreement could be signed in February 2020, a spokeswoman for the Thai government said.
Thailand ASEAN Summit (picture-alliance / AP / S.Lalit)
The ASEAN group comprises ten states in Southeast Asia
Another topic on the agenda in Bangkok is the territorial dispute in the South China Sea . The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan claim parts of the South China Sea, while Beijing occupies almost the entire maritime region. The regional bloc has worked with China to develop a non-aggression agreement or code of conduct. "We are ready to work with ASEAN countries and build on the existing foundations and foundations to maintain long-term peace and stability in the South China Sea," said Chinese PM Li Keqiang to ASEAN leaders in Bangkok.

Climate change affects Southeast Asia particularly strongly

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres traveled as a guest to the summit in Bangkok and appealed to the world to get out of coal because of the climate crisis of energy. "I have been working hard to make more progress on carbon pricing and to make sure that there are no new coal-fired power plants by 2020," Guterres said. It should not continue to use trillions of taxpayer money as subsidies for fossil fuels, he said with a view to climate change. This only leads to more cyclones, tropical diseases and conflicts.
Thailand Asean Summit l UN General Secretary Guterres (picture alliance / dpa / AP / A. Rahi)
UN Secretary-General António Guterres: "It takes concrete measures"
He was particularly worried about the effects of the many coal-fired power plants that would be rebuilt in some parts of the world, such as in East, South and Southeast Asia, Guterres said. At the same time, developed countries would also have to help developing countries to emit less harmful gases. It needs concrete measures.

Already the day before, Guterres had said that the world's dependence on coal remains a major threat to climate change and that countries in the ASEAN region are particularly vulnerable. In the region a lot of energy is gained from coal. A recent report released by the UN states that sea levels are likely to rise faster than expected because of climate change. Therefore, several Asian cities are threatened by flooding in the future.
Donald Trump has his cabinet complete again. The Department of Homeland Security gets a new boss. He is, under this president, now the fifth cast. And Chad Wolf has only limited rights.
Homeland Security: Again a new US minister
Chad Wolf is to head the Department of Homeland Security
US President Donald Trump wants to appoint after the departure of the acting US Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan now Chad Wolf as provisional successor. The declared Trump in the garden of the White House. This one is a "very nice" and "very respected" man.
"We'll see what happens"
Wolf had been appointed to the leadership of the Ministry in February. From when he should now head to the department, is still open. "We'll see what happens, we have great people there," said Trump, who has seen many great people come and go in his cabinet . White House spokesman Hogan Gidley added that former interim minister McAleenan would leave his post on November 11. Wolf will follow him. McAleenan had announced his withdrawal last month. He had been nominated for the post in April.

"I like acting"

Wolf is the fifth Head of Homeland Security since Trump took office in January 2017. The ministry is central to Trump's fight against illegal immigration. 
USA Washington White House |  Donald Trump, President (Reuters / T. Brenner)
"We have great people there": US President in front of the journalists in the rose garden
When asked if it was not a problem to have only executive ministers who did not have the full authority of a Senate-certified minister, Trump said, "I like acting, it gives me great flexibility." In the US, the majority of the Senate must normally approve the appointment of ambassadors, cabinet members, and some senior officials and judges. Most recently, Energy Secretary Rick Perry had announced his resignation. In September, Trump dismissed his National Security Advisor John Bolton.
Homeland Security was established in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The big apparatus brings together many different government agencies. Overall, the ministry has about 240,000 employees.