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A new memorial site for the murder victims of the National Socialist underground has been inaugurated in Zwickau. In the Saxon city, where the neo-Nazis had their last shelter, trees were planted.
At each of the ten trees a plaque with the name of one of the victims is embedded in the ground

Ten trees are reminiscent of the murder victims of the right-wing terrorist cell National Socialist Underground (NSU). On commemorative plaques, embedded in the ground, the name, age and occupation of those killed are recorded.
"We show that the NSU is a part of Zwickau history," said Mayor Pia Findeiß at the inauguration ceremony, attended by about 450 people. The trees and the commemorative plaques are at the same time a reminder to stand up for democracy and tolerance.
Germany New memorial site for victims of the NSU in Zwickau (picture-alliance / dpa / P. Endig)
A first memorial tree was sawed off by unknown persons at the beginning of October - mourners laid down candles and flowers there
The NSU had lived undetected for years in Zwickau underground. The terror cell, to which Uwe Mundlos, Uwe Böhnhardt and Beate Zschäpe belonged, is held responsible for nine murders of foreigners, the killing of a German policewoman as well as two explosive attacks and various robberies.
A first memorial tree for the murdered florist Enver Simsek, the first victim of right-wing terrorists, had been sawed off in early October. The act had caused nationwide indignation, but also triggered a wave of solidarity. Around 14,000 euros were donated to the city.
Zwickau |  New memorial place for victims of the NSU (picture-alliance / dpa / P. Endig)

On the sidelines of the inauguration, some of the participants and the police got into an argument after a young woman had damaged a wreath of the Zwickau AFD faction. Some observers defended the woman and argued that flowers from a party that was spreading its own ideas were another mockery of the victims. The police, however, evaluated the events as property damage. On Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to lay flowers at the memorial.